Here I am. This is me.

Who Am I?

Hi, I am Amanda. I am a 21-year-old college student studying music business in Nashville, Tennessee. I moved here from a little suburb outside of Los Angeles, California (hence the little “818” at the end of my handle). I love the idea of being in the entertainment industry, but have no clue what I really want to do.


Why Am I Blogging?

Since I’ve started my adventure into the entertainment industry, I have learned more and more about concerns of gender equality within the field. Of course, every area of business is still experiencing these issues in unique ways. Throughout my various internships and classes, the idea that women have a harder time in this industry has been hinted at, alluded to, but never straight out tumblr_nrhnfpxlr21qfyjoto1_500stated. If issues are never openly addressed, it can never be fixed. I want to create a space filled with information and discussion to, at the very least, start a conversation.

What to Expect?

Some of the content you can expect to be posted includes information about feminism, spotlights on current women within the industry, discussion boards on current issues, and weekly featured music.


Curious about the title of this post? Click here. 

Also, “I am woman hear me roar”? Click here


3 thoughts on “Here I am. This is me.

  1. Congrats on deciding to blog. Sounds like you have a great niche. I live far away from fame and fortune, but I can’t image how hard the entertainment industry must be for females.


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