Watson & Yousafzai – AKA: The Most Awesome Duo Ever

Two women who are typically not associated together, but both inspirational and ground shaking in their own right, sat down for a meeting on November 4th. Who are the women?


Malala Yousafzai: A brave activist who, despite being attacked by the Taliban, continued to demand equal education opportunities for boys and girls, then going on to become the youngest recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize. On her 18th birthday, she opened a girls school for Syrian refugees.

….Emma Watson

Emma Watson: An actress best known for playing Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, but who drastically challenged her reputation as a pretty actress when delivering a speech on gender equality as the UN Women Goodwill ambassador


.During this interview (it is really worth a watch!), Yousafzai paid Watson an incredible compliment when saying the following:

“This word, feminism, it has been a very tricky word. When I heard it the first time, I heard some negative responses and some positive ones. I hesitated in saying am I a feminist or not and then after hearing your speech, when you said ‘If not now, when? If not me, who? I decided that there’s no way and there’s nothing wrong by calling yourself a feminist, so I am a feminist. And feminism is another word for equality.”

Watson’s speech (a must watch) was as view-changing as Yousafzai says. Her words called attention to issues that feminism is meant to challenge. Education equality, wage equality, work equality between men and women (Get rid of the “Feminazi” and “Men hater” stereotypes and EDUCATE yourself on the definition of feminism. How are these still used insults?? I saw someone on campus wearing a “Menist” shirt and I wanted to scream). 

Yousafzai and Watson come from different countries, have different lifestyles, different religious views, and likely have different life goals. But each relate and identify as a feminist.


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